How It Works

Every month I will send out two new designs that will be the "designs of the month". All the designs will be family friendly and suitable for all audiences.

The stickers/cards will be mailed to you in an envelope using 1st Class stamps. This makes the total cost much less than it would be if I were to ship using a 1st Class package offering.

If there are any issues with your order, shipping or otherwise, please just reach out via our contact page and send me a message.

If you like the designs so much that you cannot live without more of them then you can go to my website at and order more cards, stickers, coffee mugs, and shirts. You can also go to my Etsy site found here. BellavanceInk Etsy.

Also, all members get a 20% off discount code for our entire inventory at 

Thanks for supporting my artwork.

Jesse Bellavance